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  The Powerball lightning bolt finally struck. Lucky ticket holders in three states — California, Florida and Tennessee — will split the record $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot that lured millions of lottery hopefuls into a frenzied buying spree. 强力球头彩毕竟灰尘落定,高达十六亿美元的破记录大奖最终花落来自加利福尼亚州、佛罗里达州和田纳西州的好运儿。此前,上百万彩民猖獗购票,盼愿一夜暴富。 The winners beat the 1-in-292.2 million odds by picking the magic combination: 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and Powerball 10. 此次头奖号码为4、8、19、27、34以及被称为“强力球号码”的10,中奖几率不够2.9亿分之一。 The winners can opt for annual payments over decades or an immediate lump sum. 获奖者可能遴选几十年内分期领奖,也可能一次性全额领取奖金。 No one has stepped forward yet to claim a share, but everyone now knows where the winning tickets were sold: A 7-Eleven in Chino Hills, Calif.; Naifehs Food Mart in Munford, Tenn.; and a Publix grocery in Melbourne Beach, Fla. 目前还没有人现身领奖,但头彩的出售住址仍然人尽皆知:位于加利福尼亚州东郊奇诺山的一家7-11便当店,位于田纳西州曼福德市的一家奈非食物超市,以及位于弗罗里达州墨尔本比奇的Publix杂货店。 Even though the big prize winners havent stepped forward publicly, lottery officials were already cutting checks for the retailers that sold the jackpot-winning ticket. 固然这笔大奖的获奖者尚未在公然园地现身,可是彩票职业职员仍然起源为出售头奖彩票的零售商开具支票了。 Naifehs Food Mart in Munford, a city of about 6,000 people located 30 miles north of Memphis, was set to get a $25,000 check Thursday afternoon. The store is owned by the brother and nephew of former Tennessee House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh. 曼福德市人丁约6000,位于孟菲斯以北30英里(约合48公里)处。奈非食物超市就坐落于那座小城。周四下昼,一张2.5万美元的支票将被送到那里。该店为前田纳西州议长吉米·奈非的兄弟和侄子二人完全。 When word spread that a winning ticket was sold at a 7-Eleven in Chino Hills, hundreds of people who wont get a dime basked in the glory anyway, many taking selfies with the store clerk on duty because, well, why not? 当奇诺山一家7-11便当店售出面奖彩票的动静传开,成千上百名并未获奖的大众也簇拥至此,祈望能沾沾喜气,很多人还纷纷和伴计照相纪念——有何不行呢? “I’m very proud that the ticket was sold here,” the clerk, M. Faroqui, told local newspaper the San Bernardino Sun. “I’m very happy. This is very exciting.” “头奖是在这里卖出去的,我稀奇高慢,”该店伴计M.法洛奇在本地报纸《圣博娜迪诺太阳报》的采访中如是说道,“我真的稀奇忻悦,这个动静真是焕发人心。” Store owner Balbir Atwal, noting his lotto machine, called it the “luckiest place in all the planet.” 店东巴尔比尔?阿特瓦尔指着他的乐透机,称它为“地球上运气最好的地方”。 “I’m very excited and happy,” he told the Sun. “My community has helped me so much, I’m so grateful to them. I don’t know how much I’m getting but I’ll be helping my employees and my family and community.” “我真是又兴奋又忻悦,”巴尔比尔告诉《太阳报》,“我地址的社区帮了我很大忙,我真的感激涕零。我不真切结果能拿到多少奖金,但我必然会用这笔钱扶持我的雇员、家人和一共社区。” Many locals stood around to cheer and mug for TV cameras that descended on the suburban community of 77,000 residents located about 35 miles east of Los Angeles. 奇诺山位于洛杉矶以东35公里处,人丁约为7.7万。当电视摄像机赶赴此地实行拍照时,本地很多大众聚在一道对着摄像机欢呼、扮鬼脸。 “It’s history. We’re all so excited for our city,” said Rita Talwar, 52, who has lived in Chino Hills for 30 years. “这是史册性的一刻。咱们都为咱们这座都邑感触高慢,”52岁的瑞塔?塔尔瓦如许说道,她仍然在奇诺山存在了三十年了。 In Florida, the winning ticket was sold at a Publix grocery in Melbourne Beach. An employee told Florida Today the store has been inundated with phone calls. 在佛罗里达州,头奖彩票是在墨尔本比奇的Publix杂货店售出的。一名雇员告诉《今日佛罗里达》,Publix杂货店仍然受到了各路电话的狂轰滥炸。 John Koontz, a front service worker at the store, had just stepped out of his car to show up for work when someone he knew asked him the big question: Was it true? 该店的前台效劳职员约翰?孔茨说,他前脚才下车计划进店职业,后脚就有熟人向他求证这个惊人的动静:是真的吗? “They’re all excited. One of the locals just asked me was it true that the winning ticket was sold here,” Koontz said, lining up one of the store scooters in the cart area. “Can you imagine this is happening here at our little store?” “专家都稀奇兴奋。有个当地人直接问我,头奖彩票是不是在这里卖出去的?”孔茨一边说一边将购物车区域的推车布列一律。“你能联想这种大奖公然出自咱们这种小店吗?” Dave Demi didnt win the Powerball but said hes happy about the possibility someone from Melbourne Beach may have. 大卫?德米没有中奖,但他默示,墨尔本比奇有人不妨会得回这笔大奖也让他感触很忻悦。 "Id say good for you," Demi said, braving the early morning chill to walk into the Driftwood Plaza Publix to check his ticket for other possible winnings. "I bought two tickets here and two at a convenience store. I did the one Powerball number," he said chuckling. “我想对中奖的人说,你运气真不错,”德米说道,他但是大朝晨顶着严寒赶到德里夫特伍德广场的Publix杂货店,来这里查看本身置备的彩票有没有不妨中其它奖。“我在这儿买了两张彩票,在其余一个便当店又买了两张。好歹我也中了一个强力球号码呢。”他说着便笑了起来。 In addition to the winning ticket, the California Lottery said 12 tickets matching five of the six Powerball numbers were sold for Wednesdays drawing. Those winners will get a $1 million prize. 除了头奖彩票以外,加利福利亚州彩票中央默示,周三开奖时又有十二张彩票估中了六个强力球号码中的五个,这十二张彩票的完全者将得回一百万美元的奖金。 英文起源:今日美国 译者:赵潇逸 审校&编纂:丹妮





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