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  Directions: Write a composition entitled On Disasters. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese: 1. 人的平生中,或者会遭遇少许灾难变乱,给咱们的生涯带来不测 的报复。 2. 面临灾难,咱们应当坚贞,不要过于沉溺于哀痛,要主动面临人生。 3. 我的见识。 关于面临灾难的英语作文范文:On Disasters An old saying goes: Life is full of roses and thorns. As we all know, ones life is full of unexpected events, some of which are wonderful and some of which are disastrous. Those heavy blows, such as, floods, snowstorms, and earthquakes, threaten to weigh one down. However、its even worse if one cant drag himself out of the grief in that mental break-down is more serious than the disaster itself. Instead of indulging oneself in sadness, one should take positive attitude towards life and contribute to the reconstruction of his or her life and hometown. As for me, if I am lucky enough to survive in a disaster, I will try my best to help those who are suffering by donation blood or money. If I am a victim, I will endeavor to recover from the sadness as soon as possible and be certain to be strong and supportive to the recovery work. 翻译: 俗语说:人生充满了玫瑰和阻挡。咱们都明确,人的平生充满了意想不到的事项,有些是夸姣的,有些是灾难性的。那些繁重的报复,如洪水、狂风雪和地动,有或者使人倒下。 然而,若是一个体不肯从哀痛中解脱出来,那就更糟了,由于精神倒闭比灾难自己更告急。一个体不该当迷恋于颓废之中,而是应当以主动的立场应付生涯,为重建本身的生涯和故乡作出奉献。 至于我,若是我有幸在灾难中幸存下来,我会尽我所能去助理那些因献血或捐钱而刻苦的人。若是我是受害者,我会致力尽快从颓废中规复过来,而且必然会坚贞地支柱规复管事。





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