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  2020最新关于愚人节的英语作文 愚人节就要到了,很忻悦又能够和同窗开打趣了。下面是2020最新关于愚人节的`英语作文,接待阅读! April 1st afternoon, our Teacher He into the classroom and said: "the classmates, tell you a good news, we go to Mount Huangshan tomorrow afternoon outing! we heard, jumped three feet high! But while, some students said:" I dont believe it! "The teacher said with a smile:" you dont the letter! " Then, we the class the students are noisy, some asked the teacher; "the teacher, we take what car past?" "what time will you come back? ... The teacher one one answered. But fortunately, some students still dont believe it, the teacher said; and other group of fan teachers would say." we listened to, believe. After class, teacher fan doesnt come in, teacher Zhang to homework. Ready, is ready to go, Chen Huijie and Zhang and her husband are surrounding them to ask the teacher, we have to ask, can be rather baffling chapter but the teacher asked: "what travel to Mount Huangshan oh? we heard, change invariably say:" is Teacher He said! "The teacher said:" he may cheat you! we heard, mouth open and then discuss. Suddenly, chapter and the husband was too happy to say: "I know, today is April Fools Day!" Oh! This is the fools day ah! Last March, my mother told my father and me that my grandfather would come in April. We were very happy because my grandfather was an interesting old man and he had not visited us since he went to Hong Kong. On April 1 my father and I bought a lot of food from the supermarket and bought a big bunch of flowers home. Then we did some cleaning at home. At night when we were waiting for my grandfather, the bell rang and in came my mother. She smiled to us and said "April fools"! April 1 every year is April Fools Day. It is the happiest day for the people in western countries. On April 1, you can tell a lie, make a joke to others, or cheat them, but they will not be angry with you. If it were April 1 today, you could tell your good friends, "I hear there is an important exam tomorrow. Dont tell others about it". And the people who believe you are called April Fools. This custom started in France during the 16th century. It spread to England in the 18th century, and then to the United States. 【2020最新关于愚人节的英语作文】干系著作: 1.2020最新写愚人节的英语作文 2.2020最新关于愚人节的作文 3.2020关于愚人节的英语作文 4.2020年最新愚人节的作文精选 5.2020最新愚人节的作文3篇 6.2020年最新愚人节的作文 7.2020最新愚人节的作文精选 8.2020最新愚人节的起源作文





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